ICSletters is a fast, easy, and affordable way to send messages to friends and family who are being held in a correctional facility.  This service was developed to help encourage affordable  communication between detainees and the outside world.  Participating friends and family members can send an ICSletter from any internet connected computer.  The facility will process and deliver your mail directly to the recipient.  ICSletters allows you to send electronic mail messages multiple times each day.  No more trips to the post office, no more stamps to purchase.  It saves money, time, and provides another way to keep the lines of communication open! 

Correctional Facilities spend countless hours processing letters addressed to detainees.  This process may include: x-ray of contents, testing of the paper, preparation of mail rejection paperwork and review of contents for prohibited messages.  Unfortunately, mail sent through the normal postal service takes time and delivery can be further delayed due to the security measures that must be taken.  ICS understands that incarceration is stressful enough.  Lack of contact with friends and family should not add to that stress.  ICSletters is the solution!

Not all correctional facilities offer ICSletters at this time, however, we are adding new facilites each quarter. Once you access the program, you will be presented with a listing of the participating facilities.




















What do I need to participate?  Any computer with internet connection will work, whether it is your own computer, or borrowed from a friend, or used at the Public Library.  To fund the account, you will need a debit or credit card. 
How do I get started?          It’s easy. Simply Click Here and the program will guide you through simple instructions and you will be ready to send ICSletters within minutes. 
Should you need further assistance, please call toll free 866-228-4031 and a friendly Representative will talk you through the quick and easy processing steps.